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A chat with James Lovelock

The world in our hands (press article)

Gaia and Tsunamis (press article, by James Lovelock and Bruno Comby, 14th January 2005)

For the Spanish version of "Nuclear Lifeline" clik here  Our Nuclear Lifeline (Reader's Digest, April 2005, 49 editions, 20 languages, 85 million readers)(translations:

Speech by James Lovelock in Paris, on 21st March 2005: L'énergie nucléaire au XXI ème siècle

The Gandhi of nuclear (press article published in Brazil)

What is Gaia ? (by James Lovelock)

Nuclear energy can avoid global warming, ecologist says (press article)

Nuclear power is the only green solution (published in The Independent, 24 May 2004)

About the Oklo Natural Uranium Reactor in Gabon, by James Lovelock (from the "Ages of Gaia")

Is it time to learn to love atomic energy? Yes, Please! (introduction to Bruno Comby's book, The Independent, 28 august 2004)

Nuclear energy : the safe choice for now (July 2005)

Nuclear energy for the 21st Century (March 2005)

Wind power is just a gesture (February 2005)

Dr Doom (press article in Newsweek, April 2006)

  We are past the point of no return (by Michael Mc Carthy, The Independent, 16 January 2006)

  Why Gaia is wreaking revenge on our abuse of the environment (by Michael Mc Carthy, The Independent, 16 January 2006)

  James Lovelock: The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever (by Michael Mc Carthy, The Independent, 16 January 2006)

Richard Mabey reviews The revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock (Richard Mabey, Times on Line, January 29, 2006)

Jasper Gerard meets James Lovelock. We're all doomed, so to hell with wind farms (Times on Line, 5 February, 2006)

Go nuclear, save the planet James Lovelock, father of the Gaia theory, says green opposition to atomic power, as seen in the High Court last week, is crazy (Times on Line, 18 February, 2007)

'We should be scared stiff' Renowned scientist James Lovelock thinks mainland Europe will soon be desert - and millions of people will start moving north to Britain (Stuart Jeffries,The Guardian, 15 March 2007)

Sounds crazy but it may save the planet : Could scientists 'reengineer' the Earth to halt climate change? (Jonathan Leake, Times on Line, March 18, 2007)

Fiddling with figures while the Earth burns (Jonathan Leake, Times on Line, 6 May, 2007)

Lunch with the FT: James Lovelock (ft.com, 27 April 2007)

James Lovelock on Climate Change (FirstScience.com, 2 Feb 2007)


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GAIA is the Greek Goddess of the Planet Earth

Jim and his wife Sandy Lovelock


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