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Why send out letters to journalists and politicians ?

Too many politicians and journalists, instead of informing the public in a true and honest way on energy and the environment, sometimes present distorted or erroneous information or forget to mention some essential facts.

Whenever you listen to your local politician, watch a TV program, listen to a radio broadcast, and nuclear energy or energy data is cited in a true and accurate way, do not hesitate to write to the speakern or journalist or TV broadcasting company, or to the politician to congratulate them, and tell them how much you appreciated this information. This will encourage them to continue to deliver true and honest information.

If, on the contrary, the information is presented in a biased, irrational or inaccurate way, as may sometimes be the case, do not hesitate to write to them also and point out the facts, as they should have been presented, telling them about your deception. They will have to be more careful the next time.

Put pressure on the journalists and politicians so that they STOP hiding the truth about the environmental benefits of nuclear energy to the public !

In this aim, we propose examples and standard letters.

You can send them as they are (if they mention or refer to an organization, such as EFN, or another specific organization) or adapt them to each specific situation.

The letters sent out should always be formulated as POSITIVELY as possible but very firm if necessary. Always be polite and do not insult, but of course you may express your satisfaction, or your surprise or your deception, especially if it's documented by a few (simple) facts !

Give some simple facts and figures, to make your point, but not too much.

Avoid long letters. One page or two pages should be considered as a maximum. A long letter will usually not be read and go straight to the basket.

If 5000 of our correspondents each sends out just 4 letters each week, then the journalists and politicians will receive 1 million letters per year, urgeing them to stick to the facts, and they will have to present true and honest information to the public and take our point of view in consideration.

We suggest that you download the :

standard letters for journalists and politicians

and send them out at an average rhythm of several letters per week.

You may also submit new letters (see below), or translate the existing letters in various languages.


How to submit new letters :

If you think an important letter is missing among the letters proposed : just e-mail it to us in HTML or WORD format (.doc) at : letters-en[at] (spam prevention: replace [at] by @)

Sending a letter or text or information to this address implies you are the legal proprietor of the text or letter sent, that you own the rights to publish and reproduce it freely and that you accept its publication, it's use by others, it's posting on the web site for public use, and/or it's mailing to a mailing list, or any other form of public use of the text or letter or information sent.

The letters sent should NOT mention your name or address (unless you accept your name and address to be made public with no restriction) or any recipient's name or address (unless it's a public address such as the address of a magazine or TV company). Please note that legally, it is not authorized to make public another person's address, or to publish a private correspondence.

The most interesting letters will be posted on the web site for use by others.


Translate the letters into other languages :

If some letters aren't yet translated in your language, you are authorized to do these translations and submit them to us.

New languages will be added to the list if necessary, and new translated letters in each language will be added to each linguistic section.

First choose the letters to be translated from another language. Then check the list of standard letters in your language, to make sure it hasn't already been translated. Make the translation in HTML or WORD (.DOC) format and e-mail it to us at : letters-en[at] .

You may like to use the altavista automatic free translation service for assistance in the translation process :

This page may also be translated into other languages. Check the languages available: and use an HTML editor to translate the page.

More information about translations

Thank you ! for writing to politicians and journalists to express your opinion to them, and for your participation in this common effort in favor of better information on energy and the environment !

This page, proposed in cooperation between several local and national organizations throughout the world, is hosted by the Association of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (EFN)