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April 23th, 2006

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EFN-INTERNATIONAL is glad to announce that the newborn Canadian organization, EFN-CANADA, is now up and running, and its membership is developing rapidly. The complete corporate name of this new Canadian organization is: Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (Canada) Inc. / Ecologistes Pour l'Energie Nucléaire (Canada) Inc. The short denomination in English is EFN-CANADA and EPEN-CANADA in French/Quebec. The activities of EFN-CANADA will be federal, spreading across all Canadian provinces. The headquarters of EFN-CANADA are located in Cobourg (110 km East of Toronto). The President of EFN-INTERNATIONAL will be in Ontario in June for a lecture tour to inform the Canadian public about the environmental benefits of nuclear energy.

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Another pro-nuclear environmental organization in North America makes the case for nuclear energy

A member of EFN, our good friend Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace in 1971, and now the Honorary Chair of EFN CANADA, is launching a new pro-nuclear organization called CASE (Clean And Safe Energy coalition). The official launch will be tomorrow (Monday 24th April 2006) in Washington D.C./U.S.A. This new organization joins EFN-USA, EFN-CANADA and a growing number of other environmental organizations in North America pushing for more clean nuclear energy to soften the consequences of the global energy crisis we are running into.

Patrick was one of the founders of Greenpeace in 1971, director of Greenpeace International for 7 years, as well as the founder of Greenpeace Canada and its President for 9 years. You will see more details about Patrick's position in support of nuclear energy in his introduction to the new Canadian edition of my book "Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy" (the new edition is in preparation).

A few passages quoted from Patrick Moore's introduction:

"This book warns us of the dangers of burning fossil fuels and presents the many benefits of the most environmentally-friendly solution to solve the problem, nuclear energy. It is the only source of clean power that is able to meet a significant part of the world's energy demand in the coming decades, and can therefore efficiently solve the energy problem the world is facing."

"Greenpeace today says we can phase out fossil fuels and nuclear energy and not build any more hydro dams; we would need only increased energy conservation, more windmills, and the development of solar panels. That's a pleasant dream, and I sincerely wish it would be true, but it simply is not possible. Wind and solar energy are too dilute, and the electricity they produce is available only when the wind blows (erratically) or when the sun shines (at most half the time)."

"If nuclear energy was to be excluded, the world would have to rely almost entirely on fossil fuels."

"Among power plants, the dirty and old coal-fired plants produce the most pollution."

"As Stewart Brand, James Lovelock, Bruno Comby and other forward-thinking environmentalists have made clear, technology has now progressed to the point where the fear-mongering being spread by anti-nuclear activists about the safety of nuclear energy bears no semblance to reality."

"What we need to do is at least triple the number of nuclear reactors in the coming decades, to really reduce significantly the consumption of fossil fuels and minimize the consequences of climate change."

"Greenpeace and other multi-million dollar anti-nuclear organizations have been successful in misinforming the population on energy matters by spreading myths and unfounded or vastly exaggerated scare-stories about nuclear energy."

"It is the stubborn opposition of anti-nuclear groups to the benefits of nuclear energy that is actually the major obstacle to the realistic achievement of carbon dioxide reductions around the world, because they oppose the best and most reasonable alternative to fossil fuels."

"The public should now be told the truth, the positive side of the story about the benefits of nuclear energy for the environment as well as a more sustainable, safer and more secure energy future."

"It is therefore with pleasure that I have accepted to help create and to serve on the board of EFN-CANADA , to inform the public correctly about these matters, and I invite all like-minded environmentalists to climb on board."

The complete version of Patrick's introduction to this new edition of the book (in print) can be downloaded here: http://www.comby.org/livres/nucpre-Moore-EN.pdf

Please note that you are authorized to forward this text/preface of the book to journalists, to publish it or have it published, and to translate it into other languages under the following conditions: 1 - that the entire text is published as it is without any modification ; 2 - that the source be mentioned ("Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy", by Bruno Comby, published by TNR Editions, web site: www.comby.org/livres/livresen.htm ) and 3 - that you send to EFN an electronic version of the translation(s) or of the article(s) published with the authorization to post them on www.comby.org and www.ecolo.org

If you can help us in translating this book and getting it published into other languages: contact EFN by e-mail: efn[a]ecolo.org (spam prevention: replace [a] by @ in the message before clicking to send it).


Nuclear Greens: article published in Australia in "The Advertiser"

The Advertiser, a leading daily newspaper in Australia (750 000 copies distributed mainly in Southern Australia) recently published an article entitled "The Nuclear Greens" on 15th April 2006.

You can access/download this article here (610 kb): http://www.ecolo.org/media/articles/articles.in.english/Austral-advertiser-15-4-06.jpg

The full length article which was initially submitted can be downloaded here: http://www.ecolo.org/media/articles/articles.in.english/benefits-of-nuclear-06.doc

Please note that you are authorized to forward this full length article to journalists in your country, to publish it or have it published freely, and to translate it into other languages under the following conditions: 1 - that the entire article is published as it is without any modification (except minor editorial changes) ; 2 - that the source and the author be mentioned and 3 - that you send to EFN an electronic version of your translations or articles published with the authorization to post them on www.comby.org and www.ecolo.org


 Bruno Comby.

President of EFN
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