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Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy

December 23rd, 2007


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Dear friends, members, and correspondents of EFN,

The Association of
Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy

Wishes you a very Merry Christmas,

and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


For better information on clean nuclear energy and the environment in 2008!


Do not hesitate to become a local correspondent of EFN in your country or area and to help us develop EFN in your country or local area, by organizing a presentation, a press conference, a lecture tour, site visits, or by helping us translate the web site or the book Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (the book is presented on line).


2007 was a good year:

EFN now gathers over 9000 members and supporters in more than 60 countries.

See EFN's complete history year by year since it was created over 10 years ago


For a good start in 2008:

- don't forget to read (and take note of) your meters on the morning of 1st January for your electricity, your natural gas, and the number of kilometers on your cars' counters. This will be useful to calculate your 2008 carbon footprint using EFN's carbon-calculator.

- in 2008, don't forget to subscribe or renew your membership to EFN or EFN-USA or EFN-CANADA (you can also subscribe to any of the three or all three to support our activities in these areas).

We look forward to developing other national branches of EFN in 2008 in other regions of the world. To help us in this regard, your support (as a local correspondent or through donations) will be most welcome, thank you in advance !


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